Top Agent Magazine — Mark Ainley

GC Realty & Development currently has two offices, one serving the Western Suburbs of Chicago and the other serving Chicago’s South Side.

Although he now runs one of the most successful Property Management companies in Chicago, initially, Mark Ainley had no interest in that side of the real estate business. In 2003, I bought my first investment property with my partner at the time. We had a terrible experience with our initial renter and eventually had to evict them. It really turned me off to property management and I decided to get my license and pursue finding and sell-ing properties for investors. We started GC Realty & Development at that point, and quickly became a successful Brokerage. Our clients were always trying to get us to manage their properties, but I was still stuck on that bad experience. I finally agreed to do it with one of our most loyal clients, and it just grew from there. He’s still our client 13 years later.

Currently GC Realty & Development has 15 employees, 27 brokers, and two offices, one serving the Western Suburbs of Chicago and the other serving Chicago’s South Side, managing over 500 properties plus 3 mil-lion sq ft of commercial space between the two locations.

Mark credits the fact that he and his partner are investors as being one of the keys to their success. “We own a lot of properties, and I think that’s why we ended up being so good at the management side of things. Because we’re owners, we know what our clients are thinking. We know how to deliver news so that it’s less of a blow. We deliver solutions, not just what the problem is. We also have a great team of people who have all been with us a long time. Most news you give clients in this business tends to be bad news. So it helps to have a team that really love what they do. It keeps your spirits up. We have a great culture here.”

GC Realty & Development manages over 500 properties plus 3 million sq ft of commercial space.

Giving back is important to Mark. He is President of the Board of Directors for Well Child Center, a nonprofit that focuses on providing uninsured children with primary and preventative medical & dental care. He has also been a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dundee Township. When he isn’t working, you’ll probably find him playing LEGOs with his young kids.



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GC Realty & Development, LLC.

GC Realty & Development, LLC.

Full-service Real Estate firm specializing in Residential & Commercial acquisitions as well as property management in the Chicagoland area.