How Tom Turned His 200K into Millions

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2 min readAug 2, 2022

The Tom I mention here is my great podcast co-host, Tom Shallcross-a lifelong northwest sider. Tom was born and raised in Dunning, and today, he still resides there with his wife and 4 children. He’s a few minutes away from where he grew up, but thanks to his real estate experience and success, his reach now extends around the city and into various Chicago neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs.

Tom first reached out to me regarding Property Management in October of 2018 in regard to property he was about to buy in Lynwood. I know this to be a fact as Tom’s contact information is still in my phone under “Lynwood Investor Tom”. He was referred to me by a mutual contact Blake McCreight, who has a great story himself to share ( hear Blake’s story on Podcast Episode #10!).

From the day Tom reached out, I knew he had the capability to do big things. He has an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

Real estate investing has opened my eyes to a whole new way to leverage money, increase my net worth, and work in a team environment. I can’t think of another part of my life-except maybe high school football or some actual sport-where your team has such a direct impact on your outcome.

-Tom Shallcross

Hear Tom’s full story on his recent Blog post on Bigger Pockets, another site that has contributed greatly to Tom’s success as well as mine.

Bigger Pockets Blog — Investor Spotlight: 20 Doors in 2 Years with Tom Shallcross

Reach out any time to ask Tom specific questions about his journey thus far and where he plans to take his business from here. You can also communicate with Tom on the Straight Up Chicago Investor Podcast Facebook Page or group.

Leveraging your knowledge with other peoples stories of success and mistakes will help you maximize your own success.



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