Five Motivation Factors to Consider When Building Solid Direct Mailer Lists

  1. Target Homes with Equity
    Equity in a property should serve as the single most important factor when looking for a potential seller. If a seller has a mortgage of $100k on a house that’s only worth $100k, the investor can’t make money. Conversely, houses with 100% equity property probably won’t have motivated sellers. Instead, look for owners with at least 30% equity to make a deal worthwhile for both seller and buyer.
  2. Factor in Length of Ownership
    Anyone who’s owned a house for at least five years might have had a motivating life event to sell. The longer someone has owned a house, the greater the likelihood they’ve accumulated equity, too. In fact, length of ownership combined with amount of equity are the two most important factors in finding properties.
  3. Pick Absentee vs. Homeowner Criteria
    Usually, absentee owners — whose tax bill goes to an address other than the property address — will have more motivation to sell. They may have invested in a property they want to let go of or have moved out of state. Out-of-state absentee owners may actually have even more desire to sell because they cannot easily keep an eye on the property.
  4. Always Take the Bonus Options
    If you take property owner pulls from ListSource or PropStream, during checkout you have the option for additional add-ons. Fun fact: many of those add-ons are free (think number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.). Select them all! Any additional data you have can only help improve your targeting.
  5. Unlikely Places
    You can also find publicly available information that provides an even fuller picture of potential reasons someone may sell. Additional places to gather information include:
  • Local County Courthouse for lists of properties delinquent on taxes
  • Local Municipality Offices for lists people behind on water bills
  • United States Postal Service lists of addresses for where carriers cannot deliver mail (which they label as vacant)




Full-service Real Estate firm specializing in Residential & Commercial acquisitions as well as property management in the Chicagoland area.

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GC Realty & Development, LLC.

GC Realty & Development, LLC.

Full-service Real Estate firm specializing in Residential & Commercial acquisitions as well as property management in the Chicagoland area.

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